There was a “Clubpenguin Private Server” going around called “”. The main purpose of this server was to recreate how Clubpenguin was in 2005-2007, before Disney took over to take care of the bankrupt situation. Well it was down for a while and I didn’t really know what happened to it. I finally went back to the site and I was amazed. A project was being worked on that I didn’t know about. The C.P.P.S officially turned into “Snailschat”. This project goes back to memories in 2000, Where penguin chat was still up and running. Moderators were snails, And some members were able to be snails too, I’m pretty sure. I was amazed how this project came together. Yes, the project is out of the beta phase. Here is the introduction to newcomers at the homepage:

Hey there! Welcome to the brand new Snails Chat! SnailsChat is a free web based virtual world where you can create your very own snail and explore the exciting forest, while earning your own virtual coins to discover more items and other fun stuff around the world. SnailsChat is packed full of games, items, furniture that is newly released every week! So keep on checking out what you can get for your snail while it’s here! SnailsChat was created by a developer who has a passion for online worlds for kids and is very determined to make SnailChat your kind of place to play! Feel free to check out the website and be sure to help test out by creating your very own Free Snail! Here is a picture of the homepage.

I don’t know for sure if the virtual world wants to relate to clubpenguin or not anymore, but it sure does bring back memories either way. Check out the site by clicking Here


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