Mech Mice

A lot of talk has being going on about “Mech Mice”. The game is a tactical game for kids 10+. I’ve seen that this project was started by Rocketsnail, (, It has now been moved the Hyper Hippo studios (, because of their bigger team. On the Mech Mice website a Q&A is posted up, which basically covers most of what is needed to know. Here is what it says:

What is the Mech Mice game?

Mech Mice is a Tactical Game for kids 10+.

What is the release date?

The plan is to start the public beta sometime in 2013.

Will there be a beta item?

No. But there will be a unique beta unit for you to collect.

How can I play Mech Mice?

We plan to launch the web browser version first. After we launch the web browser version we plan to launch the download and tablet versions. (Web, WIN, MAC, iOS, Android)

Here is a model of one of the characters:

This is the “Grenadier unit concept”. If you want to learn more about and keep up with Mech Mice visit the game’s site and the studio’s site:


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