Minecraft Xbox360 Update



(Fan art of Iron Golems and Villagers)

The next Minecraft Xbox 360 update is coming very soon. I play the Xbox 360 version, So I am just as happy as everyone else. The next update is said to including Spawn Eggs, Iron Golems and The End. It is rumored that Texture Packs will also be enabled, But 4J Studios said that they are in progress. Now that the Xbox 360 Minecraft is catching up with the updates, I can tell worlds will be a lot more fun.

If you don’t understand what the things that the update holds are, Heres a little explanation.

Spawn Eggs – There are 10 different spawn eggs. The spawn egg lets you spawn a certain type of Mob.

Ocelot Spawn Egg                                               Ocelot

Mooshroom Spawn Egg Mooshroom
Skeleton Spawn Egg Skeleton
Creeper Spawn Egg Creeper
Slime Spawn Egg Slime
Zombie Spawn Egg Zombie
Spider Spawn Egg Spider
Chicken Spawn Egg Chicken
Cave Spider Spawn Egg Cave Spider
Cow Spawn Egg Cow

Iron Golem – Big, tall mob that is usually located in an NPC Village, As their body guard. they can be created by 4 Iron blocks and a Pumpkin. (Picture of one on top of post)

The End – The End is the home of the Ender Dragon, as well as many Endermen. It has a texture of Endstone, and towers of Obsidian which when flown by, will regenerate the dragon’s health.

Texture Packs – (I might as well put this in here, I don’t know if it’s true or not), Texture packs change the graphics or “textures” of the blocks and the items of the game. Texture packs are downloadable for the computer version mostly on Minecraft forums.

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