Rough Drafting

I’ve been fiddling with the site recently, I’m trying to get a template I can agree on. I’ll settle in eventually, I’m starting to like this one. I just need to get situated first, starting a new career and all. For my channel I have my eye on an “Elgato Game Capture HD“, It looks […]


I was surfing the web and I visited a site of the all-time favorite game company, Bungie. If you are not familiar with Bungie, They created the famous Halo trilogy in 2000, and carried it on until 2010, and gave the game to 343 Industries to finish the trilogy, (Halo 4). When I went to […]

Mech Mice

A lot of talk has being going on about “Mech Mice”. The game is a tactical game for kids 10+. I’ve seen that this project was started by Rocketsnail, (, It has now been moved the Hyper Hippo studios (, because of their bigger team. On the Mech Mice website a Q&A is posted up, […]

Minecraft Xbox360 Update

  (Fan art of Iron Golems and Villagers) The next Minecraft Xbox 360 update is coming very soon. I play the Xbox 360 version, So I am just as happy as everyone else. The next update is said to┬áincluding Spawn Eggs, Iron Golems and The End. It is rumored that Texture Packs will also be […]