Now that penguin chat is over and Clubpenguin started, many people have forgotten about rocketsnail. Some still remember the company, and follow their blog and play their games. Rocketsnail is working on two games recently, Mech mice, and Snail world. Mech mice is more of an objective game. Rocketsnail posts chapters of the book on their blog. Snail world, on the other hand, is a very neat game they are also working on. I did a game review on it, I suggest checking it out. Rocketsnail posted on their blog an interesting post about Clubpenguin, recommended for game developers to see. This is what they said…

June 7th, 2012

I am surprised by how many game developers continue to ignore the free-to-play business model and the impact of Club Penguin on the game industry. In the next 3 years, approximately 150 million penguins (kids) will become teenagers. A couple things you need to understand about Club Penguin:

  • Club Penguin is almost 8 years old.
  • Club Penguin is a service.
  • Club Penguin has released new content every week since it launched in 2005.
  • Club Penguin releases content globally on the same day in 5 languages.
  • Club Penguin releases all merchandise in sync with the online world.
  • Club Penguin is free-to-play (or freemium)

Is your studio ready for this new generation of players?

I suggest checking out their blog, go to Rocketsnail.com/Blog.


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