Game review: 1


Loading Screen

Hello Guys, Masky here. I’d like to showcase the game “Snails”, created by Rocketsnail. If you go to play the game, the game is under the “Experiments”. This means they are working on it, To make it a very fun experience. They are working on a name for the virtual chat. They are calling it Snails for now, but the options for the fans to choose are World Of Snails, Box Of Snails, Or Snail Chat. Which is fimiliar to the popular game from 2000-2004, “Penguin Chat”. You cannot talk on this game, You only show emotions, Which are displayed on the bottom of the Game screen. I couldn’t get a specific logo, so I displayed the loading screen, which is highly detailed. When the loading is completed, the game gives you a variety of names to choose.Such as Slugg Squashy to Zoom Flemmly. After you choose a name that you are comfortable with, press “Play!”, and you’ll be entered into a normal-sized box. Here is a picture of some gameplay on Snails.



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