Project A

Hmm… Been a while, hasn’t it? Regards to the first post I made, a couple years back, my interest in this blog has sparked. I’m Starting my blog up with a nice template. I’m using Gimp for most of the stuff. I’m trying to get the website itself done so I can begin with the blogging. I’m going to get an Elgato HD Game capture for future videos and blog posts, as I am debating on having a Youtube channel or not (My 2008 one is quite inactive.)

A lot has changed. I’ve gotten well known as a forger in the halo game series (Halo 3). I look forward to it with Halo: Reach as well. Anyways, I’m most likely going to keep this blog for a long part of my life so might as well make it useful. This was just an update, see you eventually.


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