Update… And change

I’ve taken a break from Toontown and most computer games and converted to Xbox live primarily. I’ve been playing FPS like Halo and it’s clearly one for my likings; I see a bright future in the Halo Saga. I started forging and have teamed up with many well known forgers, come see my maps on my file share!

A few days ago I lost my cherished “Masky8” due to unknown reasons. I’ll be using my older penguin Phat fever, and I’ll most likely resurrect Masky in the future. Sad that he’s gone. I’ve noticed some change in the game itself; Since Disney took over back in August of last year things have changed for the “better”… Not sure if I’m liking it, hopefully they get better. (Found the picture above on google, apparently people think Phat Fever is a beta!)


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